NewTREND objectives

Integrated Design Methodology

Including a guided process through all steps of refurbishment from concept to operation and a decision process for the selection, design and optimisation of retrofitting solution for buildings in their neighbourhood context

Participatory Design

Focus on all stakeholders (including inhabitants and building users) in the design process, through pre-design multisession community design charrettes, review dialogue in the construction phases and post-occupancy evaluation workshops

Collaborative Design Platform

Ensuring the correct implementation of the Integrated Design Methodology through a project management infrastructure, a user friendly GUI customised to the stakeholders, including visualisation and participation options

District Information Model

Interoperable, distributed, multi-model data exchange server to store information on energy efficient design and integration with neighbourhood energy systems, linking existing data model formats at building and district levels

Data Manager

Enabling a structured, standardized crowdsourced data collection approach through a web-based tool accessible from tablets and smartphones, supporting design teams in on-site inspections and direct data entry in the DIM

Simulation and Design Hub

Cloud-based platform to evaluate retrofitting needs, guide the decision makers to select the best energy retrofitting strategy, balance the building in its district, through Dynamic Simulation Modelling, GIS, KPI and optimisation tools

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