NewTREND Second report on LATs activities is on line!

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The NewTREND project relies on Local Advisory Teams (LATs) to get the pulse of various energy stakeholders and periodically get feedback on project activities.

The first round of LAT meetings was set by the NewTREND project during the first year of work; it provided a great deal of support in guiding the evolving tasks. The lessons learnt were taken into account in order to arrange round two. Taking advantage of the positive feedbacks obtained, the 2nd LAT meetings were organized by Project Partners with greater awareness.

These LAT meetings were held during the end of the second year of the project (between June and November 2017), to obtain useful feedback from key stakeholders. They were focused on three main aspects:

  • The Integrated Design Methodology (IDM) developed within the project and the project phases identified in this framework
  • The Technology Library which was developed within the project to enhance the awareness of possible impacts of a certain retrofitting solution
  • Presentation of the project Case Studies and the respective demo sites

A common agenda was developed in order to have a similar schedule for all the involved countries (involved countries are Spain, Finland, Hungary, Germany and Italy). Meeting attendees were partially different from those of previous LATs and it is important to underline the presence among the participants of end users of energy retrofitting projects, whose comments are highly relevant at this stage of the project. The 2nd LAT meeting was generally introduced by a complete overview of the project, followed by a presentation of the integrated design methodology. Then the moderator showed the Technology Library video put together by Stam to present the software tool and after that the conversation would focus on the project Case Studies and stakeholders’ engagement.

Project partner and LAT activities coordinator iiSBE has finalized the collection of minutes for each country and analysed and summarized the outputs in DELIVERABLE D7.8: SECOND REPORT ON LATS ACTIVITIES (that can be downloaded here).