NewTREND presented in Genoa on December 1st, 2017

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On December 1st, 2017 Stam organized a workshop on energy and transports.
The energy and transports sectors are closely interconnected and represent key elements for the creation of a Smart City. The European Union, which has strongly supported research in these areas, has created a framework to support research both at European level, such as Horizon 2020, and at regional level, through the definition of the Smart Specialization Strategy where local needs are addressed.

In this context, the Liguria Region has fostered the formation of Innovation Poles as governance tools to support regional policies for research and innovation.
There is a lot to gain by creating synergies between research and innovation at European level with its counterpart at regional level.
The workshop revolved around an in-depth description of the European project ENTRUST, which worked as a pivotal point to discuss related matters, from energy retrofitting of buildings to smart transports. The main focus of the ENTRUST project is to model energy transition in Europe and its economic and social implications. This gave the possibility to discuss hot-topics and to increase the audience awareness on the results and the potential of European research projects such as NewTrend in order to guarantee the best possible exploitation of research findings and available resources.
NewTrend was presented by Valeria Ferrando (IES) and Marco Barbagelata (Stam) to an Italian audience; they both highlighted the role of BIM and energy simulation within the innovative NewTREND framework for energy retrofitting projects.