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On the 4th of November, it was held in Munich, the first meeting of the NewTREND Local Advisory Team (LAT). The meeting was kindly hosted by MUAS.

Paul Mittermeier started the meeting with welcoming the participants, which included Architects, Urban Planners, Policy Makers, Energy and Sustainability Engineers, and researchers. The participants introduced themselves; after this a small presentation regarding the agenda and the workshop objectives was held.

Ahmed Khoja presented NewTREND project scope and objectives, followed by a presentation of NewTREND methodological framework, the software tools, the stakeholder and occupant engagement through the E-collaboration platform. A strong focus was devoted to the collaborative approach for the management of building retrofitting project, on which NewTREND is based.

After the presentation, an open discussion between the participants took place.

The participants highlighted that NewTREND is addressing a relevant topic in the field of building retrofitting and that the possibility of sharing building information through a common platform is important and would help accelerate the retrofitting process.

The majority of the participants found the possibility of having different levels of detail, offered by the so-called modes, rather useful. However, some of the experts have casted some doubts about the accuracy and reliability of the basic mode. They underlined the need of finding the right balance between the accuracy of the results and the effort of collecting and inputting the data.

From this the discussion took off to a great number of useful advice that without any doubts will help to increase the value of NewTREND platform.