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On October the 6th 2016, it was held at Kondor Béla Community Centre, the first meeting of NewTREND Local advisory team. The meeting was kindly hosted by ABUD.

Ida Kiss presented the agenda of the LAT Meeting and explained the main concept of NewTrend through the goals of the project.

A summary of the new integrated methodology was given, the main objects of NewTREND were explained so as the participatory design approach and energy related aspects from the early design, the demonstration activities.

The participants were asked to introduce themselves and describe their experience in retrofitting projects. Most of them have already been involved in retrofitting projects previously, thus familiar with the procedure in Hungary.

A summary of the current retrofitting process at Bokay school was discussed, including the expected timeline.

The explanation of the integrated design methodology, NewTREND approach and the importance of communication between the stakeholders was continued. Followed by basic information about BIM and DIM, neighbourhood scale synergies, the NewTREND key performance indicators, the simulation and the demonstration activities were presented.


One of the most interesting observation of the participants was that the design process of a retrofitting project is often not efficiently coordinated, so the NewTREND methodology and toolset can be indeed very useful to overcome this problem. Moreover, it is also important to inform citizens on the renovation process and the planned measures.

The outputs of this meeting were positive, underlining the importance of user-comfort issues in retrofitting projects, which it is often neglected. The consideration of comfort can be an innovative feature of the NewTREND platform and methodology.