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On the 20th of October, it was held in Sant Cugat, the first Spanish meeting of NewTREND Local advisory team.

The people attending the meeting were engaged with the main goals of NewTrend project; most of them had experience in retrofitting, some of them from the point of view of public administration and others from the user and design process side.

All of them agreed on the need for cities to engage private sector on the retrofitting process in order to achieve the expected goals in terms of energy consumption reduction.

Data acquisition was widely debated, especially from stakeholder’s point of view the availability of information is to be considered one of the main challenges that NewTREND must face

The collaborative way proposed from the beginning of the design process was highly accepted as a new way of retrofitting process including aspects not included in the traditional design process.

The technology library was greeted as a key point to engage final users.

All the participant were willing to be part of the LAT team along the whole duration of the project.