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On the 10th of October, it was held at Environment Park, Turin, the first meeting of NewTREND Local advisory team. The meeting was kindly hosted by iiSBE.

The meeting opened with a broad discussion on integrated design. In particular, the first part of the debate dealt with integrated design; participants focused on key principles, and on how to optimise and coordinate team roles that are key elements to ensure a truly integrated process. The LAT members have different backgrounds and roles, and thus were able to offer a wide variety of opinions, experiences and lessons learnt.

For several of the participating designers, integrated design has been the usual process for at least a decade, especially for private, non-residential projects of a large size, cost and complexity.

The conversation then moved on managing the data collection process.

The proposed NewTREND Technology Library was positively commented, in particular when it presents new and innovative technologies which are not commonplace and on which it is difficult to gather a full informative package. For these technologies, it is especially relevant to document lessons learnt and valuable use cases, to facilitate their applications in other projects.