NEWTREND 1ST LAT meeting – 5 October 2016, SEINÄJOKI

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On the 5th of October, it was held in Seinäjoki, the first meeting of NewTREND Local advisory team. The meeting was kindly hosted by Granlund Oy.

The meeting was a joint LAT meeting and community charrette and included participants from 6 companies including Granlund Oy, Granlund Consulting Oy, Seinäjoki City, Dental clinic Seinäjoki city, Musical college and Institute of Adult Education.

The main focus of the community charrette was to discuss the successes and failures of the building and to discuss the potential for occupant involvement in the upcoming design project. During the course of the meeting the LAT members were asked to provide their individual opinions and experiences with regard to retrofitting and the current performance of the building.

The key objectives were to raise awarness among the occupants regarding the building and to consider possible improvements.

During the meeting it was explored the existing relationship between the building design team and building occupants/users and how communication can be improved between these two groups.

General comment for the NewTREND ecosystem was that it should guide uses completely through the project: collecting the data, identifying problems, propose the solutions to the problems (for common technology problems and sub-optimal use) and promote long-term perspective (continuous monitoring of performance and giving feedback to users).IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5764 IMG_5765