Munich technical meeting, 18-19 May

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On the 18th and 19th of May, part of NewTREND consortium met in Munich for a Technical Meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to analyse technical details of NewTREND Methodology and tool development and to discuss the interactions between Methodology and Technical Work packages (3, 4). The meeting was kindly hosted by Munich University of Applied Sciences.

In order to keep the meeting manageable and proactive and to allow detailed debates, only partners dealing with technical works in NewTREND were gathered.

The first day was mainly centred on the discussion about the General Component Diagram with a very strong focus on architecture and backend functionality.

In the afternoon of the 18th a half a day workshop, together with the SWIMing project, was held. This project, coordinated by Trinity College Dublin, aims to manage the huge amounts of data generated across the building life cycle of relevance to building energy management; one of its main development is the BIM-Q tool. The use of this tool for capturing NewTREND data exchange requirements was considered during this event.

After wrap-up of the workshop the participants headed off to a well deserved dinner.

The second day started off with an internal discussion of the previous afternoon’s workshop. Later on, the consortium debated on user interfaces, functionality offered to the user and user work flows, developing a precise list of deadlines and future steps.


(Thanks to Paolo Musso for the meeting summary.)